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At Ananda, we encourage everyone to explore their body’s potential without the use of props, except when a medical condition prevents a student from practicing Yoga safely without props. Sometimes an instructor may introduce props for the purpose of teaching an activation of certain muscles, but then the students are promptly graduated away from them.


New to yoga? We were all beginners once, and we are always beginning something, so we LOVE beginners !Anyone can do Yoga, you don’t have to come already knowing how to do it or flexible, Yoga always helps no matter where we are staring from

At Ananda we offer Soft and moderate Hatha, Flow based (Vinyasa) Hatha, and Children’s Yoga

In addition, we indicate the level in the description for each class, which is indicative of what you can expect, however all our instructors are certified and trained to offer modifications so you can access a version of the pose safely and still reap the rewards of the practice

The best way to begin a yoga practice is to sign up and take your first class, if you are coming back to practice, or beginning, or just want to stretch and relax, we recommend you  attend a Soft Hatha, or Hatha class.