At Ananda we aim and promise to work hard to help you enjoy every minute of your visit

We work to provide you with a safe, nurturing, judgement free and family friendly environment where you can practice Yoga, Pilates Reformer, Meditation and Pranayama, other Yogic practices and workshops and get your massage or Reiki treatment.

We thank you deeply for helping us achieve this for you and others, please :

  • Write in your name for attendance upon arriving
  • No shoes in any class room
  • Bring water in a sealable bottle
  • Bring a towel for your comfort in classes where you will perspire, or get one at front desk
  • No bags, props or other objects on the class room floor unless requested by the instructor
  • Arrive early for your class but if you are late and the class type allows it, enter class and kindly set up promptly and quietly
  • Let the instructor know before hand if you will need to leave before end of class,
  • Once Savasana (final relaxation) starts kindly stay until class ends out of respect for others in the class
  • Please leave all cell phones outside of the class room, if you must bring them in for extraordinary reasons, kindly silence them
  • Listen to and follow the instructor’s requests to set up mats or machines in a certain manner
  • Once in the yoga rooms, speak in soft, low voices out of respect for those who want to meditate before class starts
  • Socialize in the beautiful waiting areas, enjoying a cup of free tea or water but please minimize conversation inside yoga rooms
  • Put props away and or clean machines after use